Under the heading of “About Us” it seems prudent and honest to tell you what we are not, don’t pretend to be and mostly do not want to be.

We are not wannabe chefs or chefs with our own restaurants. We are home cooks who truly enjoy cooking and have a knack for it. We are not nutritionists or professional calorie counters or low-carb gurus, but we are health conscious and in a general sense we think everything in moderation is a good rule of thumb. We are not all in agreement on the most delicious ingredients. For instance, Judy and Shirl love olives and mushrooms and Jen is very picky about when they are used and which type. We are not all able to eat the same foods; Shirl cannot eat anything with sulfites, which limits her to fresher food and no wine while Judy and Jen do not generally eat shellfish or pork.

We are many things and we are not many things. What we hope is that you will enjoy who we are, what we share, and can find favor in our efforts and our passion.

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