Tomato and Sunshine Salad

by | Sep 7, 2016

As you know from a previous post, I really love to grow things that I can use in meals for my hubby and I. This year we had two bumper crops: cherry tomatoes and basil. Fortunately, tomatoes and basil is a match made in culinary heaven. We have been eating tons and tons of luscious green and redness from June until just about a week ago when hubby harvested the last of the tomatoes.

One of my favorite ways of pairing tomatoes and basil is in a Caprese Salad. In the version that I created as a side dish to bring to a recent party I used fresh Burrata cheese instead of the more traditional Mozzarella. In case you haven’t been exposed to Burrata cheese yet, you are in for a delicious surprise.

The outside of Burrata is a pouch of fresh Mozzarella cheese that is filled with cream and another cheese curd, generally made from buffalo milk. When you break it open all of this lovely creamy goodness oozes out and just begs to be sopped up with some lovely bread. I don’t care what you call it or where it comes from, it is pure heaven on a plate!

Because of it super fresh ingredients, it is always best to consume the Burrata as soon after you purchase it as possible. In my house, this has never been a problem.

I try to keep this salad pretty simple and let the cheese, tomatoes, and fresh basil shine. I place the Burrata in a pretty bowl, tear it open so that the creamy insides ooze out, place as many chopped up cherry tomatoes on top as my plants will provide, add fresh basil cut into a chiffonade or shreds, pour a generous amount of good olive oil and a splash of white balsamic vinegar, a few grindings of pepper and some flaky sea salt and call it done. It turns out so pretty and inviting and generates lots of oohs and aahs at home or at a party. If you would like to turn this into a meal, just add a bowl of fresh greens and maybe some avocado and you are set to jet!







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