Tillie Moon is the name of our publishing company, website, and blog. We considered quite a few names, but from the start we knew, in our hearts, that it had to include “Tillie.” You see…Tillie was my mother. (Mathilda really, but she went by Tillie.)

We lost her over a decade ago, but she still lives on in the lives of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Her love, patience, and pride in all of us knew no bounds. She was our biggest fan no matter what the endeavor and always rooted for us to fulfill our dreams. “Shoot for the Moon,” echoes her sentiment and belief that we should never be afraid and always dream big. Jen and I knew how proud she would have been that we completed our cookbook, which pays tribute to her in so many ways. We also know she would have shed happy tears to hear that her two daughters, Judy and Shirl, and her granddaughter, Jen, have teamed up for this blog. By using her name (Tillie) and words she might have said when we told her of our plans (“Shoot for the Moon”)…we honor her.

We are Tillie Moon. I know Mom would be smiling.

By Judy

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