Saguaros in Bloom: Southwestern Meal – Sample Chapter

by | Oct 12, 2016

While we hope that all our blog followers, friends and EVERYONE will buy our book…we also understand that some of you might want a peek inside before purchasing online.  It is definitely much easier to evaluate the quality, appeal and content of a book when you can hold it in your hand and flip through it!

Here is an example of the flow of our book.

Each chapter begins with a short story that follows a woman’s life. In this chapter (the 4th in the book) the character is a young adult (in the preceding chapters she was a young child and then teen).  The short story is accompanied by a full-color photo and one or two small black and white photo(s).  Each chapter begins with this same two-page spread format and ends with a short “life lesson.”IMG_5115

The second two-page spread in each chapter is comprised of a large full-color photo of either a recipe being offered in the chapter or a food preparation photo relating to the chapter AND the menu.  We created these menus with recipes that compliment each other and are wonderful served together, but, of course the cook can pick and choose throughout the book to create their own menus.  Our book offers a range of recipes from breakfast to dessert, seafood to hamburgers, Asian to Southwestern (see this example chapter), and backyard to special occasion.  Here is the second two-page spread of the Southwestern food chapter of our book:


The chapters continue with full-color photos and the recipes listed in the menu.  Our book includes three to six recipes in each chapter.  Each chapter offers a different type of food.  Our recipe names are a nod to the short story at the beginning of each chapter.  For instance, in this chapter the character is celebrating the Saguaros in Bloom by making Bloomin’ Best Enchiladas.

Instead of showing every page of this very popular chapter (who doesn’t like Southwestern or Mexican food, right?), let’s go straight to the “saving the best of last” part…dessert!  Below is the last two-page spread of the Southwestern chapter and let me say that this dessert (Frozen Strawberry Pie Reborn) is AWESOME!!!!


There you have it.  Now you understand why our book is so unique and is much, much more than just a cookbook.  In fact, we have many customers who bought the book to read the story.  The story follows a semi-fictional character.  The character is based on the lives of Jen, Judy and Tillie and also has some fun completely made up stuff!  The story starts with young girl who builds block castles while waiting for her mom to make rainy-day soup and ends with her as an old woman ready to make lunch for friends by harvesting from her garden.

We hope you enjoy our book (or at least this partial chapter)!

I am Judy and David’s daughter and Mel and Tillie’s and Fred and Luella’s granddaughter. I am the beaches and coast, lakes and steams and mountains of California. California is in my heart and soul, where I grew up, and it will always feel like home. My family and my oldest, cherished friends are there and dotted around the West. But, I am also downtown Chicago where I walked to work in knee-high snow and the shores of Lake Michigan where my husband and I strolled pulling my son behind us in his red wagon so he could learn to pump a swing and build sandcastles at the playground on our local beach.Read More

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