Proximity to Ina

by | Jul 13, 2016

Today I walked into my favorite local kitchen store to (yes, I couldn’t help it) see where our book was displayed.  And, also (but quite honestly secondarily) to make sure they still had copies in stock.  I went straight to the bookshelf and what I saw made me SOOOOOO happy!  There was our book, Memoirs of a Delicious Life, sitting two doors down from INA GARTEN!

I am a huge fun of the Barefoot Contessa and her unfussy, fresh and delicious recipes.  I have read about her attitude towards entertaining and admire it as well, basically high on enjoyment and low on stress.  When I start to overthink a meal or pull out too many recipes to feasibly make and remain sane on the day of my event, I often think of Ina and the way she seems to keep her affairs manageable and special all at the same time.

So, to have our book displayed even in the proximity of Ina’s truly made my day!  (Plus, our book looks REALLY good near hers!)

I am Judy and David’s daughter and Mel and Tillie’s and Fred and Luella’s granddaughter. I am the beaches and coast, lakes and steams and mountains of California. California is in my heart and soul, where I grew up, and it will always feel like home. My family and my oldest, cherished friends are there and dotted around the West. But, I am also downtown Chicago where I walked to work in knee-high snow and the shores of Lake Michigan where my husband and I strolled pulling my son behind us in his red wagon so he could learn to pump a swing and build sandcastles at the playground on our local beach.Read More

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