Our Cookbook As A Diary – So Cool

by | Jun 15, 2016

My 95 y/o mother-in-law, Luella, still gets her hair done every Wednesday.  It is part of her rules to live by and you do not mess with that.  It is part of my week to take her to her appointment since my husband and I convinced her that it is no longer safe for her to drive (even though DMV has granted her a license until she is 98). One Wednesday she kindly told Laurie, her hairdresser, about the cookbook that Jennifer and I wrote.  Laurie bought one.

At her following appointment, I noticed Laurie had our cookbook displayed on a table in her salon with a crock pot bubbling merrily beside it.  She had made our broccoli soup and brought some to the salon to share with her clients.  I told her how very nice that was of her and then she shared a tradition of hers with me.

Laurie loves cookbooks.  When she makes a recipe for the first time she jots down notes next to the recipe.  She writes the date and if it is a special occasion.  She includes things like who was with her and the state of the weather outside. If she had picked a handful of flowers before cooking, she noted what kind.  Special songs or memories evoked might be included.  Her cookbooks are like a little diary.  What a great idea! We are honored that Laurie graced our cookbook, Memoirs of a Delicious Life, with some of her special notes.

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