New Neighbors – Banana Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting

by | Sep 15, 2017

Friends of ours, who we know through my son’s school, moved in “over the fence” from us late this summer. Back-to-school craziness and generally getting back into the school routine hit me harder than usual this year and so making them a housewarming meal, which I had planned to do, ended up becoming a quest to get something welcoming to them as soon as possible. I don’t know them well enough to be privy to their food preferences or aversions so I reached out and asked if I could bring them banana bread or biscotti. (Psst…Biscotti is one of our most raved about recipes in our book.) Sweet as she is she said they would love either. I decided on banana bread, because my son likes to help me make it and so that meant time with my boy plus checking the housewarming gift off my list in one swoop.

We made the bread and the Cream Cheese frosting, which we like to spread on it. I knew that they did not have a copy of our book, Memoirs of a Delicious Life, so I put the book together with the Banana Bread, frosting, and a bottle of wine in a basket for them. Then we waited until we all had a breather…crazy how hard it is to match up schedules…and we delivered the gift to them.

Banana Bread

I hope they enjoyed it (even though we did not get to deliver it when the bread was still warm, which is when I LOVE to eat the first slice)!

Banana Bread

Cheers to new neighbors, new friends and finding the time in this super hectic life to acknowledge someone’s new home.

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