Man vs. Barbecue

by | Aug 22, 2016

My precious husband loves to grill. Present him with a piece of anything that once mooed, clucked, oinked, honked, or bit a hook and he is willing to have a go at it. The only problem is that while he does not lack in enthusiasm he does sometimes fall short with grilling capabilities. Oh, he has tried taking advice from his son, son-in-law, and brother-in-law – all great grillers. He does as they say but when the end result does not meet his expectations he surmises that it just has to be the grill. Now it is a nice grill, not top of the line, but certainly adequate. And, unfortunately, it seems to work just fine for the other men. But my sweet man perseveres.

Below David has put a chicken on the rotisserie and basted it religiously with orange juice while it turned in slow endless circle after circle after circle. (Simon, our brother-in-law, made one like this and it was delicious.) Leaving the chicken to tend itself for “just a few moments”, this is what he found upon his return. One just can’t help but chuckle.

IMG_0138 (1)

(He graciously allowed me to use this photo showing him in unusual grilling attire. We were spending the day by the pool.)

We feel fortunate to be able to raise our own beef and that means there are ample opportunities for my “grill king” to play with his barbecue. Here is a recent offering.

IMG_1647 (1)

In his defense, I do prefer my meat well done. I would describe that as gray throughout but un-charred. He is getting close.

He has finally mastered a well-done burger and really enjoys making these on summer weekends. He believes the patty should match the bun in size so that usually means you are getting a pretty big burger. Especially when you add the lettuce, grilled onion with corn salsa, and sliced tomato, avocado, and dill pickles along with your condiments. Sometimes it seems more than you are able to get your mouth around. But YUM!

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