Happy Halloween

by | Oct 31, 2016

Happy Halloween and a Happy Fall to all!

I love this photo from Halloween 2013 showing my amazing grandson with the treats we just created together. The “monster” treat was a super simple idea, delicious and fun to make.

Here’s how to create your own:

(1) Bake chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies. We made both and both versions were really good! Of course, the shortcut would be a run to your local grocery for cookies.

(2) Cut all cookies in half.

(3) Spread Nutella on both cut halves. You could also use peanut butter or a frosting, but the Nutella was excellent with both the chocolate chip and the peanut butter cookies.

(4) Put the two cut halves of the “mouth” together by lining the rounded part of the cookie with mini marshmallows (as the teeth).

(4) Decorate. We found gummy eyes and tongues, etc. which were fun, but we ate them separate because the cookies, spread and marshmallows were perfect without any added sweetness or flavors.

Enjoy making your Fall memories this season!

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