Friday – Prep Day

by | May 9, 2017

When I was growing up Friday was the day in our house when we cleaned, restocked our cupboards and refrigerator, did all the laundry, and generally made the effort to enter the weekend organized for the following week and ready to relax and enjoy the weekend. I have carried this tradition into my home as much as possible, although, of course, I will say I often fail and then Sunday we are running around getting ready for the week when we want to be relaxing. On a Friday when things go according to plan, my house is cleaned and my grocery shopping is done by lunchtime. Then I spend some time in the afternoon organizing my refrigerator as I put new groceries away. My husband thinks I am crazy, but I actually enjoy doing this! I can think about meal prep for the week, take anything out that has “timed out,” and restock and reorganize so we can be efficient when we are in a hurry during the week. Plus, honestly, I love to open my refrigerator and see it organized. It is something that gives me small joy.

One of the things I use to organize my refrigerator for meal prep as well as quick healthy snacks are clear glass containers. They, of course, allow everyone to see what is in the container. And, inside there is ready to eat (or use in a recipe) items like cut broccoli, grilled chicken, and in-season fruit. When I go pick up my son at school on Friday I am super happy if my refrigerator looks like the photo above and even more so as I cook and prepare lunches the following week.

My glass containers are by Pyrex in their Simply Store line and come in many shapes and sizes. I would be surprised if your local grocery store or all-purpose store doesn’t carry them, however, online they seem to have some good sales.

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