Big Breakfast – Burritos

by | Sep 28, 2016

Growing up and still today we like to have “Big Breakfast” on one morning of the weekend. How we started calling it this I am not sure…other than it is the easy reference to the very thing it describes…a breakfast where we cook and it ends up being on the larger side as breakfast goes and more filling. Often on days that we have “Big Breakfast” we skip or just snack for lunch.

My Dad is the king of “Big Breakfast” and literally plans what he will make at least by the night before. He always has on hand a battery of ingredients for the rotating favorites and then, bless him, he usually gets up earlier than the rest of us and makes it by himself so that we wake up to the smell of breakfast! It is heaven.

Since my Dad lives half of the country away and I only get to enjoy him cooking and me just eating when I visit my parents in California, I have taken to the same tradition in our family of making “Big Breakfast” once a weekend.

I am sure there will be many future blog posts from Mom, Shirl and I about breakfast (as we all enjoy it), but for now I will share a recent delicious “Big Breakfast” enjoyed at my home.

On Friday night my husband grilled steaks and I made roasted potatoes among other sides.   On Saturday morning, we had time, so I declared it a “Big Breakfast” day. I am not as good at pre-planning for breakfast as my Dad, but I do usually have the ingredients on hand to make a few of our favorites. In this case, I saw the bit of steak and potato in the refrigerator from the night before and thought…Breakfast Burritos!

When we make breakfast burritos, just as many restaurants do, the main ingredients are scrambled eggs, meat, cheese and salsa. Our ultimate burritos have additional ingredients like fresh avocado and either potato, rice or corn. On this recent morning we enjoyed our leftover steak diced and sautéed with some corn salsa, leftover potatoes diced and warmed, grated cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, sliced avocado and salsa wrapped in warm flour tortillas. Delish!!


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