Barbecue Cat

by | Jul 25, 2016

My husband it not a cat person. Never has been. We are however a cat family. We also lay calm to being a dog family and our dogs (or just one dog now) always love the cats.

It began when Jennifer was about nine years old. She fell in love with an orange tabby kitten from a litter belonging to a neighbor. She begged and begged her Daddy to let her have the little kitty. He stayed resolute until the litter owner assured him that orange tabbies are always male. Good – no babies. That made it possible for daddy to agree and Jen had herself a cute little kitty to bestow her affection upon.

Sometime later our vet announced that our now-grown cat did not have a tumor but was actually pregnant. Apparently orange tabbies are usually male but not always. Murry, who became Muffin, soon presented us with a bunch of darling kittens.

My husband kept firm on the idea of cats belonging outdoors at all times, his one win in the cat situation. The cats did not mind. Our covered hot tub, which is in an enclosed room, was a favorite winter bedding spot and in the summer they went wherever cats like to go…usually under the deck or on the wide top railing outside our bedroom door. Gophers and moles were a tasty supplement to their regular meals and if they caught a bird that was an especially fine treat.

Since those early days of being cat people we have always had more than one cat. As independent as they are I still believe they enjoy having a buddy and seeing them romp together is a joy to behold. Over the span of the next 36 years we have enjoyed a host of different cats, either given to us or brought home as rescues. Muffin bore, and we kept, Smudge and Patches who were followed by Smoky and Bandit (AKA Dumb and Dumber) who were followed by our present pair, Kit Kat and Boo (who avoids most humans but loves to give our dog, Finn, massages).

We have noticed that, while dogs seem to gravitate to their favorite dog loving people, cats seem to size up the group for non-cat lovers and expend their energy rubbing up against those legs or leaping into the lap that is sending off “no cats allowed” signals. Kit Kat has singled out my husband as her person and her attention to him is persistent. She finally won him over during summer barbecuing season. Kit Kat will wind between and around his legs as he stands at the grill and wistfully pay close attention to what he is doing. Softy curmudgeon that he is, a bit of BBQed meat will always find its way to the deck where Kit Kat will guard it carefully from Finn and Boo until it is cool enough to eat. Years of constantly loving her non-cat person has paid off for Kit Kat. My husband cheerfully claims her as his BBQ cat and they happily hang out together while the meat is grilling.



Kit Kat and Boo

I am the baby boomer in our little trio. I am a granddaughter of immigrants, making me ¾ Swedish and ¼ Dutch. I am the second of four children to Tillie and Mel (1st generation Americans). I am mother to one girl and two boys, and Oma to one boy and two girls. I am a wife of 47 years who dearly loves the sweet man that I married. I am the human version of mom to a blonde, curly haired, 75 pound dog who likes to attach himself to my leg to better keep track of me. Read More
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