A Letter to Mom

by | May 8, 2018

Dear Mom,

It has been 14 years since I have touched your beautiful face or felt your comforting hug.  I feel an emptiness for the sound of your voice but carry you in my heart always.  I am so lucky to have had a mom who could balance devotion with making life fun for her children while providing lots of encouragement, and just enough discipline, to shape us into adults who have something to offer to the world. I hope we have made you proud.

I have tried to emulate your generous spirit and the joy you always put into special occasions.  Your laugh at anything funny and the sneaky sparkle you would get when planning a surprise live on in me. Your gift of touch as an expression of affection is one I have unwrapped endlessly over the years.  The boundless love that you showed your husband, my father, has been an example for me to follow in my own married life. As David and I approach our 50th anniversary I will smile at the sweet memories of you and Dad surrounded by your dear ones as you celebrated your 50th.  The years have just slipped by.

I still feel your love.  I miss you.


I am the baby boomer in our little trio. I am a granddaughter of immigrants, making me ¾ Swedish and ¼ Dutch. I am the second of four children to Tillie and Mel (1st generation Americans). I am mother to one girl and two boys, and Oma to one boy and two girls. I am a wife of 47 years who dearly loves the sweet man that I married. I am the human version of mom to a blonde, curly haired, 75 pound dog who likes to attach himself to my leg to better keep track of me. Read More
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