Save Your Celery

by | May 23, 2016

Celery.  I like it.  It makes a fabulous scooper for dips.  And, while not having a great amount of flavor, it adds a certain eye appeal and crunch to foods.  Sometimes it is just that lacking ingredient, fresh or cooked.  And tuna just screams for celery before being made into a sandwich or salad.

So, I like to keep celery in my fridge even though it does not get used super often.  That presents the problem of freshness.  It seemed we were always giving past-its-prime, limp celery, to our two horses.  That was OK.  They enjoyed it.  But when we found ourselves minus one and then minus two horses due to old age I resented the celery for going bad so quickly.  Almost ready to ban it from our kitchen forever I heard about a way to keep celery longer.  Skeptical, but willing, I tried the easy solution.  Guess what?  It works.

When you bring your celery home from the market simply place the whole unwashed bunch on a long piece of aluminum foil (I use Reynolds Wrap).  Wrap the foil around, making sure to completely cover your celery, and fold over the ends.  Amazing.  Back in the fridge, your celery has now seriously lengthened its time of freshness.  To use, just open the foil, cut off the stalks you want to rinse and use, and re-roll the remaining celery in the foil for later use.  It’s a tiny little miracle.





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